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BirminD is an industrial solutions laboratory, whose focus consists in finding potential hidden efficiency within industrial processes.

Our Products


B-Wise is a software designed to collect all sort of data generated in an industrial plant, automatically model the process and present a rank with the main potential opportunities for waste reduction, be they the stop time from machines, energy, water, gas among others, converting these deviations into financial values.


B-Zek was developed through the global program SAP Startup Focus and aims to correlate a wide range of data from a company to find the source of problems. Through an intelligent software with a very simple interface to configure, it is possible to:

1 – Rank the entries that most impact the performance of a given process, allowing to identify what are the main points of attention inside the company. With all that it is possible, for example, to evaluate impacts of a change of suppliers, work shifts, inputs and even correlation among processes.

2 – With the prior knowledge of the most relevant entries, it is possible to find the best combination of inputs to reach the desired result. Here the artificial intelligence is used to start the evaluation of probable solutions for the problems.

3 – Simulate scenarios and obtain their probable results through powerful neural networks.

Who already trusts BirminD

Our Partners

The german SAP, the biggest company in its sector, selected BirminD in its global program SAP Startup Focus, through which BirminD employed neural networks and the processing capability of SAP HANA to develop the second product, B-ZEK.

Create a solution based in a market certified platform gives our customers even more reliability that BirminD always seeks the development of high quality softwares, scalable and capable to integrate with the most consolidated current technologies.

Worldwide leader at the industrial segment, Siemens is a company with technology in its DNA.
Through the Startups Connected program from the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce, Siemens chose BirminD to accelerate in the category artificial intelligence and, from that, a potential synergy between the companies was identified in the development of technological projects.

Being recognized by the largest conglomerate of electrical and electronic engineering in Europe gives us the confidence that all the work from BirminD has caused impact in the industrial segment and that we are in the right path to bring process optimization not only to the shop-floor, but to the industry as a whole.

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