What we do?

Analyzing the industrial performance is a difficult task. Because of the huge amount of data and required correlation many opportunities of performance improvement remain hidden inside the factories and, without the help of a specialist, is almost impossible to find them.

BirminD is an industrial optimization laboratory, focused in bringing the most advanced concepts of Industrial Analytics, one of the pillars of the industry 4.0, in a simple way in which the user can make assertive decisions immediately.

You can correlate data from simple spreadsheets to integrated data bases.

From the process to the decision making.

Ranking with the main opportunities of money savings!

Alarms management according to the international ISA 18.2

Automatic Control Loop tuning.

Evaluate the control loops’ performance

Evaluate the machines’ OEE

Find the sources from the inefficiencies

Find the best operation points to reach the best performance

Simulate future scenarios, make predictions and much more!

The more analysis is hired, the less the cost per report. We work with access to the cloud or as stand-alone, standard screens and data bases or customized.

Get in contact with us and meet this new way for consultancy.